Outbound Tracking System

The Outbound Tracking System tracks the wheelset as it leaves your facility, giving you traceability, accountability, and reliability when it comes to shipping your finished goods. It is the final step in your data collection process, providing you with operator, customer, and shipper information so you know exactly where each wheelset gets shipped.
With the Outbound Tracking System you can verify that only finished wheelsets get shipped, and that all CEPM required information has been collected. And should you ever have a recall you can quickly notify your customers because you will know exactly where and when your wheelset shipped.

  • Rugged wireless Windows Mobile handhelds allow you to quickly scan your wheelsets in the yard, or as they are loaded on the truck/rail car.
  • Data validation ensures wheelsets have been inspected and reviewed before they are allowed to be shipped.
  • Verify that the wheelset is registered before shiping
  • Enter shipment information ahead of time to save time in the yard.
  • Switch between multiple shipments without losing your place.
  • Quickly notify your customers in the event of a recall.

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