Shop Manager

Shop Manager

Shop Manager™ is the productivity powerhouse of the Wheel Shop Management Suite. It provides access to up to the minute mounting charts and data for QA inspections, reporting, and supervisory functions. Shop Manager can be run from the comfort of your desk, keeping you informed of production totals, misfits, machine down time, and more without interrupting your production.

Shop Manager displays information collected at all of the WSMS stations in an easy to read format and all data is completely searchable.

Shop Manager does it all:

  • Review Mounting Charts
  • Track production totals per shift, customer, and/or machine.
  • View data collected at each station including Mounting Press, Wheel Lathe, Bearing Press, Shipping/Receiving, Wheel Demount, and more
  • View, email and print reports.
  • Manager users, customers, shop parameters, and more from any computer on the network.
  • Advanced search allows you to get a complete history of each component, including mounting charts of misfits, remounts, and more.
  • Know instantly if a misfit has been demounted and remounted.
  • Rregister wheelsets for CEPM from Shop Manager

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