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Wheel Press Recorder

The Wheel Press Recorder (WPR) is the flagship product of our Wheel Shop Management Suite. The Wheel Press Recorder is a computerized system for recording force and distance while mounting freight railcar wheels per AAR Rule 1.4 of MSRP G-II. This system is designed to keep up with your busy shop, recording serial numbers, mounting charts and additional data for wheels mounted onto the car axle. If you need to be able to record mounting charts for additional components such as bearings, gears, gearboxes, or discs you should consider our Universal Press Recorder.

Records Mounting Charts per the AAR MSRP G-II rule 1.4

Detects components under recall and warns the operator

Collects all CEPM required fields

Serial Numbers for wheels and axles are recorded checked for duplicates

Automatic Misfit Detection

  • High and Low tonnage
  • Short and long charts
  • Pressure dip through 75%
  • Pressure drop after 75% below minimum tonnage
  • Entry Spikes

AAR Rules enforcement

  • Wheel types must match
  • Tape sizes must match
  • Wheel manufacturers must match
  • Optionally displays mounting template

Compatible with all CEPM 2D barcode labels
Downtime tracking

All data is retained for 10 years or longer per MSRP G-II rules

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